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Old 10-05-2009, 01:43 PM
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Default Cutting 2 ply heads

Hey gang

I've been using clear Pinstripes and Genera g2's clear and coated for my kit, because I know they last longer than most single ply and I desired that muffled sound. I've been using these 2 ply heads as batters, with single ply stock Pearl heads as my resos. Thing is, I no longer desire that muffled sound and want more of an open tone. Right now I only have 2 ply batter heads and the one set of single ply resos currently available.

So what I planned on doing is making a circular cut with a razor blade or some sort, around the circumference of the head (with a 1 to 2 inch space between the head and it's metal hoop) on the top or bottom ply of my Pinstripes or g2's. I'll do a test on one before I cut others. Honestly I don't have money to be spending on new heads and don't want to render these useless, so that why I'm asking for everyone's advice. Has anyone actually tried this before and are there precautions I should take? What have your results been? Have you done any other sort of drum head modifications and should I actually be considering this?

In case it serves you as useful, I'm using a Pearl Forum kit and play in a rather small room. I also hit hard (but not overly hard) because I play metal, but if I go through with this, I know I'll be left with a 7 mil ply head with an outer ring from the cut ply. How much punishment can a single ply head take?

I appreciate any advice you guys have.
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Old 10-05-2009, 02:43 PM
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Default Re: Cutting 2 ply heads

I don't recommend doing this at all. It will not sound how you think it will sound. Trust me.

Pinstripes are made out of 2 ply Dupont mylar. Each layer is only 7mil thin, making up a total thickness of 14mil. 7mil film is quite thin and won't take any kind of playing except for extremely light jazz.

When it comes to drum heads, mass is everything.

More mass = more sustain except for 2 ply heads
Less mass = less sustain.

A single ply light weight head like a 7.5mil Diplomat will have less sustain and more attack, which is exactly what would happen if you take one ply off each head.

By cutting one ply away, you would also be compromising the structural integrity of the head itself. It was meant to have 2 plies in there, so it should stay that way.
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Default Re: Cutting 2 ply heads

I did that in my snare drum , becuase one layer of head head scratched and I didn't have time to buy another because I was in the middle of a rehearsal .
I'm not a very hard hitter in rock stardads, and the head only lasted one rehearsal and in my opinion sounded awful , and the feeling was even worst , it was too soft and elastic.
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Old 10-05-2009, 05:05 PM
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Default Re: Cutting 2 ply heads

+2. Just save up for a new set of heads. If you do this you will have zero heads.
Al Parrott
"Jus suum cuique"
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