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Old 09-30-2009, 04:58 PM
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Default A question about thrones....

I have heard from many other drummers that I should upgrade my throne.. I agree. I am using the original round squeeky annoying uncomfortable throne for like 10 years. I recently looked into the roc n soc throne. well they are a little bit costly for a chair...lol... well long story short I shopped around and I have found a person who is willing to trade me a tama ergo rider that is almost brand new to trade for an old used fiddle that I was selling for 75 bucks. Are these tama ergo riders a noteworthy throne or should I just go ahead and go for the roc n soc. I have never sat on either and i would have to drive an hour either way to test them so I am going out on a limb.

thanks all
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Old 09-30-2009, 05:14 PM
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Default Re: A question about thrones....

I've owned a Roc N Soc for several years now and really can't understand how I sat on those uncomfortable round thrones all those years.

In my opinion, spend whatever money must be spent to get a quality throne that you are comfortable on. Don't skimp on it, getting a cheap one can lead to some serious back problems later, among other issues. Besides which, wouldn't you rather sit on something comfortable?
Al Parrott
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