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Old 08-05-2009, 03:20 AM
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Default Decision: Simmons SDK7 vs Yamaha DTXlorer

My birthday is on Friday, and my parents are buying me an electronic drum kit. I've been playing for a year, but my only practice involved using my practice pad, and playing on my pillows. Finally, I am getting my drum kit, but it has to be electronic because I live in an apartment. I want an "inexpensive" set because honestly, my we're not the richest people ever, and we can't afford a Roland. My desicion comes down to the Simmons SDK7 which is $599, and the Yamaha DTX which is $699. I tried both. I love the look of the Simmons. It looks amazing, but the sound isn't too great. The Yamaha sounds pretty good, but it looks crappy, and resembles the Guitar Hero drums. I really torn between the two. Can you guys help me? Can someone with experience with two kits (or one of them) help?
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Old 08-11-2009, 01:13 AM
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Default Re: Decision: Simmons SDK7 vs Yamaha DTXlorer

I've never played the Simmons, but I wouldn't go by it looking cool. How does it feel and sound? I played the DTXplorer in a Sam Ash a few months ago, and thought it was pretty cool for an E-kit at that price, the sounds were good. Personally I'd go with the Yamaha, unless you get other feedback from a Simmons user. The other option is to look on Craigslist for some electronic drums. I got my Roland TD-6 off of there for $500.00, and I'm quite satisfied with them for practice. They were over $1300 new, so a step above what you're looking at. Good luck.

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