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Default Zildjian A series

Well, yesterday was my 13th birthday. And being a drummer i received a 100$ long and maquade gift card from my parents. So that day we went to long and maquade to "bash around some cymbals" and i just couldn't decide which one(s) to get. until the cashier asked me if I needed help. I described to him want I'm looking for in a cymbal. He steared me towards to some xs20's and some zildjian a series. I ended up purchasing a 17" avedis series medium crash (75$) and a 20" brilliant medium ride (100$) not a bad price for the two. Anyways its a HUGE mess in my bedroom so i didn't really wanna take any pics of em yet but later today or tomorrow i shall photograph-ly capture them. Oh by the way i have a 14" 2oo2 paiste crash cymbal a sabian B8 18" medium crash cymbal and a Camber 18" crash ride cymbal for sale. I'm not advertising just saying the guy told me to bring any used cymbals that i'm not using to exchange for like a discount or get cash for em. No high hopes for the sabian/camber just wondering how much i could get for a 2oo2...it is a 14".
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