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Old 08-06-2009, 04:15 PM
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Default E-Drums for the Rock-Band video game?

I need some advice on what to buy my son as he likes the rock-band video game. He had the four pad set, but the cheap thing broke from playing on it. Are there any decent e-kits for a teenager to play on that will work for that game? Thanks!
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Default Re: E-Drums for the Rock-Band video game?

I have seen a lot of sites that make/sell controller interfaces for playstation/xbox/wii that actually would let you use any edrum set for rockband. http://edrums.info/control.htm has links to buy them and also show you how to modify the controller yourself to accept 1/4" inputs from drum pads. this would prob work well if the pads are broken bc even if you messed it up who cares bc its already broken. :)
get the j5 interface box then pickup some cheap drum pads.
please note: i've never done this myself nor have I played rockband besides 1 time in the store so I have no idea what pads work best with it.
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