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Default Bass Drum Mic bobdadruma style

I bought an inexpensive mic holder at my local Sam Ash store that is made from flexible aluminum electrical cable with a mic fitting at one end and a clamp holder at the other end.

I took an electricians fitting that is designed to hold cable into an electrical box and fuse panels that are mounted in the walls of many homes.

I drilled a hole in my bass drum hoop that would accept the electrical fitting.

I tightened the fitting in the hole with the nut that comes with the electrical fitting with a pair of pliers.

I cut the clamp end off of the mic holder with an electricians wire cutter plyers, I put the cable through the electrical fitting, adjusted the cable to length, and I tightened the screws on the fitting to secure the mic holder cable. I then cut off the excess cable that was left sticking through the fitting with the electricians wire cutters.

I screwed on my mic, and Im ready to go. I leave the mic on my drum all the time. I plug it in when I need it. I can also easily remove the mic when I want to and just leave the holder there. If I move the bass drum at a performance, the mic goes with it. If someone steps on the mic cable, the flexible holder gives a bit, and saves the day.

I did this to all of my bass drums a few years ago and I have had no problems! It works great!
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I kind of like old drums:)

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