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Old 07-07-2009, 06:15 PM
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Default drum machine/SW as practice-play along

(I guess is the right sub forum)

can anyone recommend a machne or SW package to use as a practice-play along device?

basically, program in a figure and let the little guy do a mechanical version of the beat to which I can play along/against (and adjust tempo!)

being a practice tool I figure the sounds don't need to be realistic (in some ways, a less realistic sound might be nice as it might be easier to hear, esp as I'm playing with the wife, so we have two human drummers going at the same time much of the time)

and "performance" controls like being able to finely manipulate dynamics [though I suppose an on/off "accent" could be a helpful cue like a 2 tone metronome] wouldn't be needed

easy/streamlined step editing input (as opposed to performance input...I mean the whole concept is to learn beats I'm having trouble with anyway ;) ) - pref something that can display the pattern structure

so, basically - I guess I'm looking for sort of a comprehensive "rhythm pattern" metronome as opposed to a simple "tempo" metronome

Any thoughts?

If not, screw you guys (grrrr)

Oh wat, that was uncalled for - I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet
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Default Re: drum machine/SW as practice-play along

I use software called Guitar Pro to help with particular beats of some songs. You are at the mercy of those who create the TAB though. You can edit with a full midi drum kit, though it's a bit cumbersome.
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