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Old 06-03-2009, 07:37 PM
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Default Ultra-tones - anyone tried this?

tried searching but couldnt find any topics on this...

Has anyone tried using the ultra-tones from http://lidwishsoulutions.com/ ? Drum mutes are fine but there are times when I just want a lower volume instead of totally muted drums. The price is kinda steep so I dont wanna just jump in without hearing from anyone who's used them. Will i be able to play without waking up anyone in the next room? Thanks!
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Default Re: Ultra-tones - anyone tried this?

Go with bundle sticks instead, these seemed pretty pointless. Their demos on Youtube were terrible. ProMark calls them 'Rods', Vic Firth calls them 'Rutes', Vater has 'Splashsticks', Regal Tip has 'Thai' sticks, all the same thing, little bundled sticks that are great for playing low volume--drums and cymbals alike. For the bass, the easiest thing is to play softer, however, taping felt right where the beater hits works too. For practicing alone, use bundlesticks and just lean a pillow up against the front head--completely kills the sound, but works great if you want to keep the volume down. There's no way that people in the house won't hear you though. If you want total silence you need to resort to drum muffles (the foam kind sort of like mousepads that fit the heads) or mesh heads. With cymbal muffles, and drum muffles you can pretty much play anywhere while still having the set-up of your normal kit and quick removal for when you need the sound (unlike mesh heads).
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Old 06-10-2009, 11:38 AM
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Default Re: Ultra-tones - anyone tried this?

I'm the inventor and if you go to http://lidwishsoulutions.com/ you can read the testimonials of the actual customers, not just what someone thinks may be pointless. These actually do work, so the only pointless thing would be to continue trying the already proven pointless techniques to quiet the drum play, as much as taking the advice of someone who has never tried the product.

The only thing you have to lose is an opportunity to solve some of the volume problems you seem to be having. Open minds solve simple problems, closed minds know no resolve. If it's money that is an issue, we have taken care of that in our first line. BTW - to date, after one year in business, not one person has requested a refund.

We will be updating our customer videos, but we have very happy customers all over the country, England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We will also be posting a new testimonial this week from John Gill of the Eighth Note Music Store in New York. He's a drum teacher for several hundred students. You may have missed the posts in drumforums.org and drumsmith forums (by a senior member - Amosguy) to assist you in your research.

As a new and small company, with a remarkable record for customer satisfaction, name any of the other companies mentioned in the prior comment about our product, name ONE where the actual owner will pick up the phone, talk directly to you, whomever you are, remember your name, and satisfy any questions or needs you have with the product.

So, please go to the website, email us, or call us. We'll get right back to you.

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