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Default Hardware Help

Hey guys I'm looking to up grade my all my hardware. I'm looking to get three cymbal stands (2 straight, 1 boom), a new high hat stand and a new kick petal. Does anyone have any recommendations? My cymbals are fairly large (14 hats, 16 crash, 20 crash, 22 ride) so i'm gonna want so sturdy hardware. I don't need a double bass petal or anything just a great single would do wonders. Plus I heard that you can change some booms into straight stands so i think that would be helpful.Thanks for all your help!
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Default Re: Hardware Help

for hardware I love Yamaha, it's just super solid and they have booms that you can tuck the boom arm in the top tube and use it as a straight stand. HH Stand DW 5000 or 9000

Pedals, there are tons of good ones out there. DW 5000 or 9000, pearl eliminators, Yamaha flying dragon (also the direct drive version of the flying dragon) Tama Iron cobra, Axis, Trick. This is one of those things where you really need to get to a store and get your feet on all the pedals you can to make the best decision for yourself.
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