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Old 02-16-2009, 10:32 AM
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Default bass drum EQing

so i posted a thread earlier asking about mic positioning but now my question is different.

as i was told, EQing can make a drum sound like anything you want.
i want to know what does what on the graphic EQ.
there are a few specific sounds i would love to be able to get.

i use:
18x22 pdp fs birch bass w/ evans eq2 batter/eq3 ported reso
iron cobra pedal w/ felt beater

***presonus firestudio project
***macbook w/ logic express

mics setup:
audix d6
cad gxc2200

audix d2
audix d4
shure sm57
shure sm58

desired bass drum sounds:

1. tchfunkta, poison pushy - stanton moore
good attack, not click, not super low, some boom

2. in repair - john mayer (the man, steve jordan)
softer, mild attack, good all-around, lower

3. up and away - dave matthews (brady blade)
even softer, more boomy, lower, still not subwoofer low.

4. callin' - soulive (alan evans)
faster, thumpy, thick, good for sub.

5. mind trick - jamie cullum (?)
even faster, thinner, more click (not metal click though) not much low thickness

so, how does someone accomplish these sounds at home? through tuning, setup, mic placement, room, and, most of all, EQ. keep in mind, this is all an experiment to better understand, not just get results. i want to know what does what with each bump on the graphic EQ so i can make an educated guess when looking for a new sound.

thanks in advance guys,

***forgot to mention
silver city dead

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Old 02-16-2009, 06:48 PM
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Default Re: bass drum EQing

Another huge topic but it sound like your interested in learning. To get the basics of the EQ down I recommend you spend some time with this software program.

This will help train your ear to identify the different frequencies and the octaves between them. Although this is a 31 band vs a mixers 3 or 4 band it will go a long way toward your end.

From this you will see the value in a good mixer that allows sweeping of frequencies or inserting a 31 band in the channel.
Most inexpensive mixers have a fixed low, high and mid control and the frequency will/should be labeled. A sweepable EQ has 2 controls in a given range of frequencies. One to set a target frequency and the other to cut or boost in that frequency.

I have to run but will be back tonight.
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Old 02-17-2009, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: bass drum EQing

so, i have been playing with that program and it has given me a better understanding of which frequencies are which, BUT how does one obtain the kick sounds like the ones i posted? what frequencies are commonly boosted or cut? mfb? anything is helpful...

silver city dead
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Old 02-18-2009, 03:30 PM
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Default Re: bass drum EQing

Google "EQ Primer." there's a decent document out there that covers the highpoints of most recording sources. In practice, the best tool is generally a parametric EQ, which is also ideal for diagnosing EQ trouble, and training your ears to recognise problems. Set the EQ for a fairly narrow width (1Q=1 octave, bigger numbers are tighter, eg 2Q=1/2 octave, 4 =1/4, etc). Boosting a great deal, say 10 dB, and sweeping the frequency through its range will reveal some horrible tones. Cut the EQ a bit at these points, until cutting more sounds worse. Then, play with the Q/width.

Using your ears will always work better than plugging in numbers from a guide.

Cut EQ to improve sounds, boost to make things sound different.
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