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Old 01-27-2009, 06:23 PM
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Default Tight Head!

Just wondering id anyone has experienced this: I have a brand new Taye Tour Pro kit, and although the stock heads actually sound quite good, I decided to outfit the kit with Evans G2 Coateds.
The new heads fit fine into the hoops of the 16/14 and 12, but I have to REALLY press hard to get the head into the 10" hoop. So much so, that the film of the head really "bunches up" big time. Once tensioned, it does even out, but to me the sound is not as open as the other tomes...kinda muted.
I measured the hoop and it seems to be in the round, and any older heads that I have, do fit, although a little snug, particularly the Evans. The older Remo's fit a lot better.
Any thoughts?
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Default Re: Tight Head!

Does this set have mounts like those damn Tama Starcast mounts? If so, there may be clamps that hold the mount to the rim. I had that same exact problem you are describing and they were with Evans heads too. No if there are clips on the rim that are restricting the head fitting into the rim, take the mount and clips off of the rim then put the head in and put the mount back on. If this isn't the case, disregard every word that I just said ;)
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