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Old 12-21-2008, 03:51 AM
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Default DW 5500 Delta II

I tried out the DW 5500TD Delta II hi-hat stand the other day at guitar center, and I'm pretty much sold on it. I've been searching around for a new one. Anyways, does anyone have any experience with this stand? I've never had a 2-leg hi-hat stand before. Although, I'm also considering the Tama HH905 Iron Cobra Lever-Glide, or the Tama Iron Cobra Velo-Glide Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand. It seems that they're just about as good of quality as the DW, just less expensive.
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Default Re: DW 5500 Delta II

Have one and love it, been playing it for a long time, no problems and it's a super sturdy stand, can't go wrong with it. Though if you haven't yet you should check out the 9000 WOW!
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Old 12-21-2008, 09:36 PM
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Default Re: DW 5500 Delta II

i got one a couple of years ago after going through a yamaha 700 series and the pacific that came with my LX kit... neither of those held up getting tossed around backstage or into and out of the trailer. The DW is pretty much indestructable, infinitely adjustable, and heavy duty without being, well, HEAVY.
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