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Default Natural and synthetic hide heads

Does anybody use natural (calfskin) hide heads anymore? What about the synrhetic ones? How would you describe the tonal differences between these and plastic heads?
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Old 12-15-2008, 11:04 PM
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Default Re: Natural and synthetic hide heads

Natural Hide is a HIGH maintenance tool.....it's like a chisel you have to sharpen daily.

they change pitch / tension with every 10% change in humidity.

in tune at noon.....if it rains at 2pm....they go slack.

if your basement has heat...they overtighten over night...and snap if you leave them too tight.

they are PAINFULLY expensive....150-200 for kick heads.

the old drums had lightbulb mounts in them sometimes....so you could leave the heads slightly slack in transit, and dry them out fast with the heat from the bulb right before the gig.

toms are slightly more manageable..but still...50-75 for heads.....and they change pitch daily.

weatherking Remo Vintage A's coated are a better selection for jazz tone...unless you intend to form a symbiotic relationship with the calf.

it's a specialization in the drummers community...and if you are playing jazz or early rock....they DO sound great....seriously...but it's an investment in time and effort and you'll have a year long learning curve in re-capturing the sound of a specific tuning.

I dig them...I use calf on my radio king....EXCEPT my 26" kick has coated Remo's because retuning the bass drum daily was too time intensive and frustrating when I wanted a specific sound...and then had to try to find it the next day.

the toms are more manageable....a BIG kick like a 26 or 28 is a BITCH to keep consistant...and I'm looking to install a lightbulb and put the calf skin back
to help keep it consistantly tuned...
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Default Re: Natural and synthetic hide heads

There's also the option of goatskin heads from Earthtone. Far more stable, no tucking involved. Seemingly good reviews. I'm sure others will chime in on these.
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