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Default Evans EQ3 and Super Tough.

I finally had time to drag out my DW VLT kit and start messing with it. I bought it a little over a year ago. I set it up a few times when I got it, buts it's been in hard cases since then. I'd been playing on the factory heads and the kit sounds great, but not exactly the sound I was looking for.

My first head change was the kick. I've been running EMAD2s on my other kits and like the sound. I had a EQ3 hanging out and decided to give it a try. I had mounted the head on another kick and it was OK. I pulled it off in favor of the EMAD2

On this drum it sounded really good. My tuning techniques have changed, and that I'm sure that had a bearing on the results. I like open kicks with a lot of boom.

The head is a two ply head with a built in Richie ring and a second muffling ring that slides in between the head and the richie ring. It's removable and replaceable without removing the head. That's if you have a ported reso.

The other change I made was in snare batters. I'd been running Ambassadors and Evans PCRDs. I like both heads. I usually end up with a box of snare batters heads that have had very little use. Always experimenting.

I dug through it a decided to give an Evans Super Tough another go. I forget what It was on before, but I didn't like it at all. Probably a wood drum. I mounted it on a 6.5 X 14 Ocheltree heavy metals snare.

That snare has proven to ring quite a bit and this head was just what the doctor ordered. It controlled the ring without killing the drum. Rim shots are ear splitting. The snare response was decreased and I thought about using a wider wire. After playing the snare for a while the sound really grew on me.

This little voice in my head keep saying "Bonham used two ply batters and a 42 strand wire." Is that why he went with a 42? I dunno.

Anyway just because a head combo won't work on one drum doesn't mean it won't on another.

Just though I'd mention it.
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