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Old 07-31-2008, 03:29 PM
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Default Stage Custom Nouveau


I have a stage custom kit fusion 22". G1s on the reso and EC2 on the batter and i hate the sound. The pitch is way too high to what i'd like. Id prefer a lower fuller tone. Rather than a quick decaying "boing!!" Have i bought the wrong heads, would i have been better off with the g2 over the g1?? Or is it the fact my kit is a fusion size ?

the floor tom doesnt sound so bad, though it doesnt pack the thud id like it too, any suggestions?

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Default Re: Stage Custom Nouveau

It's a little tough for me to tell the sound you are going for as I don't equate 'thud' with 'full' in my searches for sound.

A 'thud' sound would be best served by an Evans Hydraulic. You can tune these very low but there just is no tone for me. Therefore I wouldn't recommend them.

A full sound to me can be low but still has some highs to balance out the total sound. For that I'd recommend the G2's. I'd go for coated G2 batters because I like the warmth of coated batters.

I'd also recommend the Aquarian Studio-X heads. I'm about to rehead the Stage Customs at our church in the same sizes you have. These are coated versions but come in clear If you like clear batter heads.

Both the G2's and the Studio-X's are thinner than the EC2's so you could tune them low and adjust dampening slightly with Moon Gel or tape. I am about to replace all of the clear EC2's on my Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau set with G2's. I am usually an Aquarian guy but the Evans (both EC2 and G2's) were 'gifts' for helping out with a jam session at a music manufacturer. For me, Evans comes in a very close second to Aquarian and is even a primary choice for a couple of my snares that seem to like the PC Reverse Dot head.

I've had the EC2's on my YMCAN set for the last year in my practice studio and have found them to be good heads - but not resonant enough for me.

I'm not sure of where you are experience wise so let me just throw out a few things to chew on and forgive me if you've already thought of these.

The first is that tuning is important and can be tricky. I've spent hours and days sometimes trying to get things dialed in on all different kinds of drums. After 37 years I've started to get a 'feel' for what I want. I also find that after I put a head on a drum, I need to play it for a few days and mess with it before we get to a place of agreement, so to speak. It also changes when I bring it out to other environments. I almost always have to adjust tuning and dampening for every different situation. Check out some of Bob Gatzen's videos on YouTube and the Evans website. He has some good things to say and show about heads and tuning. He also has a video out dedicated to that.

Secondly, be careful not to place studio processed expectations on acoustic drums. Meaning that if you hear a recording where you are excited about the drum sound, know that it will be near impossible to hear most recorded studio sounds from acoustic, un-miked drums. This seems to be a recurring theme in the different forums I visit, especially when it comes to metal. These sounds are achieved with as much work and involvement by engineers as there is by drummers and drum gear. Both factor in to be sure but a recorded performance has always been achieved in the rarefied air of a fully equipped studio (expensive compressors, gates, EQ, software, etc) with usually great engineers and these days, a healthy amount of digital enhancement. My advice for those trying to mimic studio sounds is to understand these facts and not beat you or your gear up too much for not being able to 'arrive' at those sounds.

Lastly, judge your drum sounds from in front of the drums. The sound you hear on the throne is not the sound people hear out front. This is especially true if you play out at different places. Outdoor gigs can be very disheartening because of the lack of reflective surfaces. The drums that sounded full and great in a club or rehearsal hall sound lifeless and tinny on an outdoor stage (Unless you're miked and getting your drum sound back to you via monitors). No matter where you are playing your drums, you should have someone else hit them while you go out front. I have heard some drums sounds out front at live events that sounded great and when I was able to get right up on the drums the sound and tuning seemed appalling. Worked great for the performance though.

I hope I didn't stay on the soapbox too long here. :)
If these points have already been considered then please excuse my presumptions ( and opinions) and consider it as being a decent read for those who have not.

Good luck with all this and enjoy the journey.

IMHO, My .02


P.S. - the head recommendations above are mostly for toms. Snare and bass drum would be different animals for me.
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Old 08-01-2008, 11:52 AM
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Default Re: Stage Custom Nouveau

Excellent stuff mate thats much appeciated!!

I have found the ec2's to be a little choked for me and too high pitched. I retuned them last night but didnt tune them too high, leaving the reso head off. Not what i was wanting to do but its the only way i could really get closer to the sound i wanted (the toms were louder, more sustained and fuller)

Ive got a feeling the g2 may be a better option for me so im gunna give them a go sometime soon. Ive played a couple of kits with coated heads and i enjoyed the sound. Obviously, i like to research a bit before parting with my cash lol.

I can also appreciate comparing my own kit to recorded drums isnt healthy, but i still think my kit can sound a whole lot better :).

Thanks Again :D
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Old 08-07-2008, 08:08 PM
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Default Re: Stage Custom Nouveau

Don't rush into buying new heads before you've really tried all the tuning options with the ones you have.

For example, try tuning them even lower, like just enough to straighten out the wrinkles and then maybe a quarter turn more. Tune the resonant heads to the same pitch, for greatest resonance and sustain and start from there. Tighten or loosen batter or resonant head in small increments and see if it sounds better or worse.
You will probably want to buy G2 eventually to get more tone, but the high pitch problem is probably more due to tuning so an experiment like this can't hurt. Also, Stage Custom Noveau are part birch, and as far as I know, it is a higher pitched wood than maple which is the standard.
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Default Re: Stage Custom Nouveau


PStripes or clear ambs, CS would work too

Evan's heads sound papery on toms,,just my opinion everyonwe has their fav heads..to each is own
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