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Old 06-20-2008, 11:07 PM
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Default Pintech Electronics Drumkit with Visualite Cymbals

I want to know other peoples opinion on this....but i swear that the pintech electronics drum kits are a lot better than the rolands

I own a pintech electronics kit right now...with roland TD-6V module
-i have 3 10" concertcast toms
-1 10" concertcast Snare
I have the visualite cymbals
-14" triple zone hihats
-16" dual zone crash
-18" triple zone ride

-8" concertcast bass pad with dw double bass pedal

All the cymbals are made of acrylic some of the best cymbals i have seen so far...Rolands dont even compare to these...They cost $800 for these 3 cymbals, but i got them for $400 because i traded in my previous three cymbals that came in with my kit....

This company is located in the Greenville, SC...everything is handmade there...The cymbals weren't even made until i ordered them...

All the drum shells are made of cast aluminum and steel depending on what series u buy....most of the rolands are made of plastic shells...

In case ur wondering all the triggers are just as sensitive as the rolands that i played.....They have pintech mesh heads...and the roland heads can be used on them as well...

Just let me know what yall think.....i have pics if u want to see my kit
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Old 07-11-2008, 03:53 AM
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Default Re: Pintech Electronics Drumkit with Visualite Cymbals

Would like to see some pics. I'm also interested in adding a 3 zone ride to my arsenal (my Hart is a two zone with a TD-12 module). How do you like your Pintech ride?
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