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Old 04-19-2008, 11:51 PM
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Default First Generation Iron Cobra, HP90TW.

I picked this up on the bay today and would just like to get some feedback on the first generation Iron Cobras. How do they differ from the modern ones? My sister had an Iron Cobra Jr. before she switched to a DW9000.

Right now I'm using a Premier double pedal, don't remember which model, and a Speed King for single bass stuff.

I'm having a hard time really flying on the premier, and a friend of mine who plays black metal (far out of the scope of what I'm doing, but I still don't like not being able to do smooth triplet rolls with my feet) says I can't really get much faster on it and suggested getting a DW5000, but I saw this one on ebay and know the whole Camco/Tama/DW story so I figured I was essentially getting the same thing (i know...i know...in principle it's the same at least...).

Reviews? Dangers? Common Problems? Maintinence suggestions? Anyone know how to properly spell Maintinence?
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Old 04-20-2008, 01:22 AM
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Default Re: First Generation Iron Cobra, HP90TW.

Main frames are the same (stock) as Camco chain drive, just about everything else too, main shaft, cam, beater holder and spring's. Feel is close to Camco as a result i.e. light/fast.

Tama caved into to requests (mine too) for stiffer main posts, they 'finally' did this with latest version of IC, were making baby-steps before. You'll notice the mains (posts) collapse inwards when/if the beater is depressed into head. Its slight, but stresses bearings. Other co's countered this with frame braces, the new IC just beffier.

Your weak spots are going to be the key bolts on the drive shaft, the threads are feeble. Take out key bolts and lube. When you transport, don't telescope shaft, leave it set to ease wear on threads. Heel hinge is destined to wear out, keep it lubed and enjoy till sloppy.

I would douche-out the bearings, its easy enough, spray solvent cleaner from both in and outside bearing holes, let drain... then lube with a quality (ptfe) lube (Tri-Flow), 35-70% increese in pedal speed, (pedal results may vary depending on soilage). Remove chain and check for stiff links, clean free any sticky links, lube and replace.

Check set screws on cam and beater holder (to shaft) , tighten if loose. This pedal can 'up-grade' to new(er) IC parts, like the spring roller and drive shaft, or even cam/b-holder, but you should be good to go as is.
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