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Old 03-23-2008, 01:09 PM
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Default Tested out the TD-9. REVIEW!

Since the TD-9 has already been released in Japan, I went to a music store to check it out!
First of all, the looks of the module. It is about 1.5 times the sizes of the TD-3. It is also very shiny, and the looks are very good.
Second, the sounds. The sounds beat the TD-20's. I swear. The sounds are newer, and what surprises me is that improvement of the sounds from the TD-6-->>TD-9.
Everything is VERY realistic.
The crash sounds are close to the quality of the TD-20, very clear, and close sounding. (By close I mean they sound like an acoustic, they sound like there right next to you.)
The tom sounds are of very nice quality. (Not even close to the BFD samples, but close to the TD-10s? but a BIG improvement from the TD-6's.)
The hi hat is very cool. The good thing is that The foot chick sound is audibly this time compared to the TD-6. Foot splashes are realistic, and what surprises me the most is the sounds. First, lets start with the TIGHT sound. This time, the hi hat sound when closed fully sounds like its fully closed, compared to the TD-6 samples where it sounds like it is closed, but not FULLY closed. The edge samples of the TD-9 are also great sounding. Next, the HALF-OPEN sound. Unlike the TD-3, and the TD-6 (TD-8 and TD-10 not expanded) the half open sound is close to the expressiveness of the TD-12/20. Then we go to the FULLY-OPENED hi hat. On the TD-3/6, the fully open hi hat sounded like an opened hi hat, but not a FULLY opened hi hat. This time, it is fully opened, similar to the TD-12/20s. In conclusion, the expressiveness is VERY realistic. Now pair it up with a VH-11! Wonder how that would work! =]
The crashes are as realistic as the TD-12/20s. No better, but close. The samples sound very CLOSE. (When I say close, I mean they sound like they are right next to you.) Very CLEAR sounds.
Roland does a great job on the ride again. It sounds very CLOSE similar to the crashes. I believe that there were bright, light, some kind of vintage sound(named oldies or something), heavy, and others. All of the sounds can be tweaked to get THE ride you want. I swear the samples are great.
The snare expressiveness is unbelievable for the price range. It's probably as good as the TD-12s? Maybe better. This time, the soft sounds are SOFT, and the loud sounds are LOUD. It is similar to the effect of acoustic kits. A popular snare from the TD-6(Medium snare) was included in the TD-9.(Something similar to it.) There were also very good maple and birch snares. Rim shots are nice too. The editing is pretty decent, but not as good as the TD-12/20's. (Obviously) Anyway BIG upgrade from the TD-6s.
Bass drum sound. Phenomenal. They sound CLOSE to you. YOU FEEL IT. Better than the TD-12/20s in my opinion. You can also mute it which is very realistic.
I only tried the cowbell for percussion sounds, but it sounds very nice.

The playalong songs are like songs from Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials CD, but better. Think of the possibilities for the WAV files you can put in with the USB stuff! No more nintendo sounding songs!
In conclusion, the TD-9 is a big upgrade from the TD-6V that they are replacing. All the sounds sound so CLOSE to you! It is UNBELIEVABLE. In other words, you can FEEL the sounds as well as hearing very realistic sounds. The price range for the module is 650-700$. If you are upgrading for a better module (TD-3/6/8/10) do it!! I hope this helped. If anyone has any questions I will try to answer.
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Old 04-16-2008, 05:26 PM
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Default Re: Tested out the TD-9. REVIEW!

Nice review tak22thegoat!

The TD 9s are comming to the States @ the end of April.....
I'm soooo ready for an upgrade from my ancient TD7 kit...

From what I've seen it looks like an affordable version of the TD12...
The only problem that worries me is the hi-hat pad....its just doesn't translate well when you go to an acoustic kit...I find myself just practicing on the real hats for at least a half hour just to get the feel down.....

I think for $2,100 its a great value thou I might spend a few extra bucks and do a V-11 hihat upgrade....

Anywayz thanks for the info.....
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