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Old 02-26-2008, 03:00 PM
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Default different head on the floor tom?

When I purchased my set years ago, the floor tom had a different head than the other toms. The floor had a Remo emperor and the smaller toms had Remo Ambassadors. Since the floor had a little more muffled thump sound than the toms, I thought it worked OK. I'll be looking to replace those heads soon and was wondering if it is normal to vary heads in that way, however, if I switch to Remo PS3's...should I stay consistant on all the toms or put more of a muffled head on the floor?
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Default Re: different head on the floor tom?

Go with whatever heads will give you your desired sound on that drum. Putting a thicker head on lower toms is actually fairly common. Right now I use coated Evans G1 on my 12" but my 14" floor gets a Power Center Reverse Dot *snare* head. The reason is because I do like a slightly more focused sound on the floor tom and a G1 is too open and a G2 is too focused on these drums. The PC Reverse Dot is a nice balance.
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Default Re: different head on the floor tom?

I'm not much for muffling floor toms. The reason why is that if you muffle something so low pitched that all you will hear from the audience, or in the recording is a "bmp" sound while the rest of the drums go "dooom". The low pitch sound will blend in with the music, so don't worry about it. Heads like Emperors, G2s, EC series are fine as they don't really muffle the drum, if you want a thicker sound. I would avoid Pinstripes or Powerstrokes as they will muffle the drum a bit too much. For my Gretsch kit I have G2 Coated over G1 Coated for the toms (has 16,18 floors) and my Mapex kit has EC2 Clear over G1 Clear (14x11,16x13 low toms). There are no rules, but it's good to keep from overmuffling drums. Although a PS3 on a 16" or larger floor tom would probably be ok as long as the tuning for both heads goes up.
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