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Old 02-22-2008, 02:20 AM
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Default Total isolation needed - Shure E3c follow up

Hello again guys,

Hope things are going well with ya, wherever you are in the world ;-)

Ok, so again I play the roland v drums in my set-up and things are going great.

About 2 months ago I purchased a pair of Shure E3c (White) in ear monitors. Our music is click based, so I have a mini mixer feeding me the Click track, and a small bleed of Front of house (The other instruments).

Ok, cool, however the E3cs, were not giving me great isolation, so I bought a set of builder isolation ear muffs, to wear on top of the e3's They were great, until I played at a gig, where I was above the bass pins....Damm this P.A ws hot, and a lot of freq (Bass) still bled in through the cans on and the e3's.

I have came across these: Direct sound HP-25 EXTREME ISOLATION HEADPHONES


I think these will be fantastic!!

The e3s are already giving me about 10db, and with these I will be getting complete isolation. I know most of you drummers are different (Having to use monitors) but in my set up, its essential to use a click, and just a little amount of volume so I can keep time and keep to groove/feel of the tracks. (New wave,trip hop music) On the positive side also, I get to protect my ears, which these days is vital.

Ok, so what do you think of these? anybody used them? Direct sound HP-25?

I came across these also:


But with my in ears and the HP25'S I think the isolation would be better, and im happy with the click being very close to my ear, (With the e3s, its nice and crisp)

Frankly the B and Q builder phones didnt do the job...lol, so im looking for a new set of isolator cans

Would like to hear your thoughts.Are there any other wireless cans on the market? Cheers :-)
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Default Re: Total isolation needed - Shure E3c follow up

The isolation on those is decent, and the sound is just okay.

If you want to go the next level, try the UltraPhones at www.gk-music.com

I've used both (as well as some others) and the GK phones are the best by far.

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