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Old 02-05-2008, 01:31 AM
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Default New hardware ?

Right now I have Pearl Heavy duty double braced hardware, and i'm getting fed up of their heavyness when transporting them from place to place. So, I've been thinking of upgrading (or some might view this as downgrading) to some lighter single braced hardware. As for what kind of single braced hardware, lookwise i'd prefer flat base stands, but I favor stability/durability over looks. The makes i'm looking are Yahama's single braced, Gibraltars Single braced and flat base and DW's Flat base and single braced (7000 series).
What are your experiences with flat base and single braced ? are flat base as stable as the "nomal" single braced hardware ?

Also, where could I find a flat base (if I choose to go with flat base) hihat stand like BAZ's (that the legs are pointing outwards so you can fit a clave pedal/double pedal etc next to it)

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Old 02-05-2008, 01:45 AM
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Default Re: New hardware ?

I have 2 Ludwig flat base stands and one Gibraltar flat base hi hat. The Ludwig stands were $33 and look kind of flimsy but they really take a beating. My 24" ride has been smashed on one of the stands multiple times and all it does is wobble a bit. The hi hat is also very durable but it is also thicker than the Ludwig stands, I got it at Daddy's Junkie Music, but you can probably get any music store to order the stands for you.
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Default Re: New hardware ?

I recently did the same thing. Sold most all my heavy stands on eBay and bought Yamaha 600 and 700 series stands. DW and Gibraltar both make very good modern flat based stands.
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