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Old 09-20-2007, 04:13 PM
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Default Seat thumper drum monitor

I rencently blew up my Mackie monitor, and of courrse they don't sell replacement speakers for them and nothing generic will fit. No more Mackie for me. But, not my question. I need a new monitor and was reading about the seat thumper monitor that hooks up to your throne via xlr. Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm kind of concerned about having only "feel" and no big sound in my ears like I'm used to. Otherwise, what do you guys use for monitors? Any opinions on this are welcome. Thanks!!
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Old 09-20-2007, 04:17 PM
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Default Re: Seat thumper drum monitor

I'd go for in ear monitors myself if you are having to replace might as well upgrade.
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Old 09-20-2007, 04:21 PM
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Default Re: Seat thumper drum monitor

Yeah, I was thinking about going that route too. It seems like they are either total crap or very expensive. What are you using? Any regrets? Drawbacks? Never used them.
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Old 09-21-2007, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: Seat thumper drum monitor

I use the ButtKicker, which is fabulous (same drivers used in IMAX theaters!) You'll need a powerful amp, 1000w will do, and a send from the kick channel.

I used to use a cannister tgrone with a 12" speaker, but even though the throne was vented, the driver heated up and burned up regularly.

The ButtKicker is hard to overload, and feels better as well.


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Old 09-21-2007, 02:04 AM
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Default Re: Seat thumper drum monitor

i dont mean to hi-jack your thread...but didnt want to start a new one for it, but does the in ear monitors block some sound out? like cymbals and drums..haha and anyone have any good advice on some good ones? thanks kaholic.ha

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Old 10-24-2007, 02:34 PM
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Default Re: Seat thumper drum monitor

The idea of in ear monitoring is to isolate all of the loudness from onstage so that your mix in your ears can be greatly reduced to what an ordinary wedge would have to pump out. Plus, in ears removes wedges from the stage producing a cleaner look. However, while quality IEM provide good bass clarity, by rule they cannot produce the oomph that a big wedge or sub can provide. And pertaining to this thread, the best monitor mix you can get (for a drummer) is with IEM and buttkicker.

The problem with IEM is the fact that it is expensive. Just for the actual in ears themselves, a good set start at $180. Those would be the Shure E3. I have them and love them. But then the price escalates from there. You then have the Shure E5s which go for $500. Then there are the $1000 Ultimate Ears.

After you get the ear buds then you have to have a source for them to go into. If wireless, you'll have to get a wireless body-pack, wireless transmitter, and if everyone in the band gets a separate mix you'll need a personal mixer. If not wireless you could check the Avioms (sick setup by the way).

Here are some links:

Full wireless setup

Aviom stuff
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