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Default BD impact badge

I got a free remo falam slam bass drum patch with a remo powerstroke head. I put it on and played it for a while. A couple months after this, I got a double bass pedal and had to get another patch. I purchessed a package that came with 2 remo falam slam impact badges and realized that the one that came with the head was different. I applied one of the badges to the head where the other beater hits. I tried it out and each of them sounded different. The one that came with the head seemed more cheaply made and was starting to wear away in the center. I used some rubbing alcohol to take it off and the badge came off fine but there was still sticky residue left which I am having trouble getting off. Will decrease the sound quality of my bass drum head if I just leave the residue and apply the new badge right over it? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
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Default Re: BD impact badge

No, it won't change the sound quality but the head may possibly not last as long. You're really not supposed to take those off once you put them on. You should be fine though. Another thing though is that they usually recommend that the head be clean before you put a new patch on, so you should get the residue off as the new patch might not adhere well. You can get a product called Goo-B-Gone. That will take the residue right off.
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