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Old 09-24-2007, 05:34 AM
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Default Eye Candy

Okay, I guess I've been hanging around here long enough that I should post a few picks of my kits -- the first couple of pics are my practice kit, then my primary kit.

No, you're not seeing double, I have 2 Mapex M Birch kits, one in my condo, and the other in my house. The one in my condo being the muted kit. That one is Black Forest Cherry and the other is Transparent Honey Amber.

Both kits:
8x10, 9x12, 10x13 rack toms
16x16 floor tom
18x22 kick
5.5x14 snare

Practice kit cymbals:
20" Paiste PST5 medium ride
16" Paiste PST5 medium crash
14" Paiste PST5 medium hats

Primary kit cymbals:
22" Paiste Signature Full Ride
18" Paiste Alpha Medium Crash
17" Paiste Signature Power Crash
16" Paiste Signature Full Crash
14" Paiste Alpha Fast Crash (not shown)
14" Paiste Traditional Medium Light Hats

I have so many pics in various configs it was a bit hard to pick out the current pics! Hope you enjoy -- I love looking at the pics of everyone else's kit so I thought it was time to share. But I should add that it's very difficult to get pics that show the finishes accurately(especially with my digital camera and skill level using it). These pics do not do the finishes justice.
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Default Re: Eye Candy

very very nice nice kits kits you you got got there there !!...............

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Default Re: Eye Candy

Those look great!

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