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Old 02-01-2018, 01:44 AM
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Default For Bands That Use Facebook To Promote Event.....?

.....BESIDES paying a few bucks for regional targeting, or the fact that the Event will naturally show up on the pages of people who have previously "like"d the band's Facebook page.....where else, on Facebook, have you posted the upcoming Event, in order to get more attendees, e.g., dance groups, singles groups, musicians or music fan groups? Thank You.
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Default Re: For Bands That Use Facebook To Promote Event.....?

I belong to several music-based groups in my area as well as several neighborhood groups as well. I share the event in the appropriate groups as well as sharing the event on about 100 of our "super fans" -these are people who have come to several of our shows, have bought merch, etc. I've reached out to them to get pre-approval to do so and I've given them add'l merch and give them drink tickets at our shows when possible.

We also have an awesome designer who creates posters for each of our events along w/ Facebook and Twitter banner images for the events we create on Facebook. In addition, we print the posters and try to get them to the venues about a month in advance. I've attached some pictures below for reference.

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Old 02-08-2018, 04:26 PM
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Default Re: For Bands That Use Facebook To Promote Event.....?

Band pages on FB without paying are a JOKE. I post on my personal account which has more people in addition the band's webpage. We use our band's FB page, but I swear, word of mouth does much better than anything else.
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Default Re: For Bands That Use Facebook To Promote Event.....?

Facebook sucks for band promotion. But, it is a necessary evil. As stated above, we post on local music sites, the venue usually posts, the promoter puts it out there, and we put it on our personal accounts. Plus we have a kind of local network where we all post each others events on our own pages. But, in the end its all about word of mouth and people actually wanting to see live music. I know that even national touring bands have a hard time reaching their audience on social media. I was talking to Scott from the band Lo-Pan after a recent show, and they have had fans tell them they didn't know a show was happening until days after the event. And this is a touring band signed to a national label. I'm not sure what the future of band promotion holds, but social media as it stands right now is not very effective. Makes me miss the myspace days when social media could literally make or break bands.
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