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Old 02-06-2018, 02:42 PM
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Default Paiste PST 7s

Hi, my first set of hi-hats after transitioning from e-kit are the PST7 medium. I like them a lot, they sound great!

As I'm building my kit piece by piece and making use of rehearsal studios, I'm looking to buy crash and ride cymblas next. The rehearsal room hires out cymbals and luckily (or so I thought!) they have a PST 7 crash, so I thought I can test before I buy one. But honestly, I don't particularly like it (its a 16" medium I think)! I see there's a few versions of this cymbal though (sizes and thickness) - does anyone have any experience of comparing them? Perhaps a larger, "thin" crash is the one to go for?

If I wasn't going for a PST 7 crash, what else would be a good match for my hi-hats?
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Old 02-07-2018, 12:48 AM
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Default Re: Paiste PST 7s

Depends what you don't like about the 16. Pitch, tone etc etc.

What sounds good to me might not sound good to you, but since the paistes are b8, you might want to listen to some Sabian B8 Pros. Just bought one for my son to practice with, it has what I think of as that B8 shimmer/glassy sound but not too harsh to my tinitus-ravaged ears. Good price too.

Others may say 'buy used pro' and they're right IF you know what sound you like, imo.

The paiste website sound files are renowned for being accurate so check those out too.

BTW with pst7s if it doesn't say thin or heavy then it's a medium.
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Default Re: Paiste PST 7s

To be honest, hi-hats don't necessarily need to be very good-sounding cymbals in and of themselves to work well as hi-hats. At one point I used a brass Pearl cymbal over a Camber B8 cymbal to get a certain sound. They get most of their sound from the edge-to-edge contact and the stick than from the outward/upward projection of the actual cymbals.

But when it comes to crashes, beginner cymbals aren't designed for the spread or frequency range that more carefully made cymbals can muster. This isn't necessarily related to cost - we've seen cymbals by Wuhan, Dream, etc. that are relatively inexpensive but sound very sophisticated. Neither is it a B8 issue - Paiste 2002s and Alphas are frequently cites as professional-grade B8 formula cymbals with top-shelf sound.

I usually suggest scaling up to "pro-quality" for crashes, to at least "intermediate quality" for ride cymbals, and leave hi-hats for the last major upgrade foe newer players.
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