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Default Pearl VBA in Dynamite Burst

Hey all! Thought it would be nice to show some pics of my Pearl Vision. Got this kit in December 2012 to replace my old Osan Runner kit (which started to fall apart (literally) after 10 years of use). I still use it at least once a month when i play together with a guitar player. I keep it at a practice studio, which is in a huge cellar of and old school building and it has multiple studios there. Safe and sound behind a locked door in storage where only the owner and we can go. Also have a Pearl Masters BCX, but I'm keeping that one at home and i use for practicing now (with Zildjian L80's and Remo Silent Strokes) or the occasional gig.

Upgraded the mounts to Optimounts a few years back and soundwise it made a noticeable (positive) change to the sound. Also just realized that the stock reso heads are still on there after 5 years haha. Used to use the stock Pinstripe heads (or Remo CS as they were labeled) for some time, disliked the sound and put coated G2's on them. Used those until a year ago when my taste in sound changed (again). Had some clear Ambassadors lying around and slapped those on it; really happy with the sound and still amazing that a one ply head can deliver (in combination with the shell etc.) such a full and warm sound! Those same heads were the batters on my BCX, but made that kit sound 'thin' and lacking low end, but slapping clear Emperors on the BCX was the best decision for that kit. But i digress... here are some pics!

Went back to this typical 'toms over the bass drum' setup for ergonomic reasons, but also so i could ditch 3 stands. It's all mounted on the sturdy stands that came in the hardware pack that came with this kit (just 2). Some natural wobble, but it doesn't move!

Pearl Vision VBA in Dynamite Burst
14x12 (not in use at the moment)
14x5.5 snare
22x18 bass

Toms have clear Ambassadors over stock heads (Ambassador type Pearl heads)
Bass has a clear EMAD on it with thick foam ring, stock reso and pillow inside
Snare has EC1 Reverse Dot, stock reso head (no muffling)
Assorted hardware, but mostly Pearl. Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide double pedal (have this pedal for over 11 years now, still going strong!), Tama Iron Cobra 2 legged HH stand.

Zildjian Cymbals
14" A New Beat Hi-hat
10" Oriental China Trash stacked with 10" A Fast Splash (use them separate as well, depending on my mood but most of the time just the china alone)
18" K Custom Dark Crash
21" A Sweet Ride
19" K Dark Thin Crash
18" A China Low

Vic Firth 5B Nova sticks, but as soon as my stock of 5 pairs runs out I'm back to the 'real' VF 5B's

And yeah, i know... gotta turn the badges forward, but that means removing the heads etc. and can't be bothered with that haha
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Default Re: Pearl VBA in Dynamite Burst

That is one nice kit. May it give you years of musical joy. Peace and goodwill.
Mark Wellman
Mapex Saturn (bass drums, toms, snare), MPX(snare), Tomahawk (snare); Sabian, Evans
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