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Old 04-29-2017, 08:00 PM
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Default Compatible Hi-Hats with Pearl ePro RED Box

For those of you who have the Pearl EPro kist and find the hi-hat cymbals unplayable, then there is hope!

I went down to the Pearl Distributor this morning, armed with my RED Box, to try the Roland VH-11 hi-hat to see if it was compatible.

After a simple calibration of the hats, the sound was superb!

Thank goodness I can now replace the awful Pearl hi-hats with a Roland VH-11 which was as easy to control/play as my Yamaha DTX-900k hi-hat.

Pearl need to ditch their triple hi-hat system where they have the top hat, bottom hat, then the sensor that is not even fixed. The calibration you do is only valid - until you hit the cymbal again. These Pearls are going straight in the bin.
Saying that, the rest of the kist sounds and plays really well, especially with the upgrade.
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Old 05-19-2017, 06:20 PM
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Default Re: Compatible Hi-Hats with Pearl ePro RED Box

Hey Marco Six,
I just added the vh11 to my epro kit but can't get them to work properly. Any chance you could post your hi hat settings in your redbox?
Trim, curve, sensivity, etc...
I have the ehh2 pearl hihats upgrade patch loaded to my redbox did you as well?
Thanks for your time...
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