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Old 03-15-2017, 08:21 PM
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Default Recording playing against backing track

I have just found drum less tracks on youtube and have had a huge boost of drumming morale. I am LOVING playing along to the funk songs, and when the music is in my headphones, I feel like my playing is just where I want it to be. It is also bringing out chops and grooves I never knew existed. Right now drum less tracks are exactly where I need to be - but...

When my phones are in, the speakers are off so I can't record me playing to the music. If I unplug the phones and turn the music up on the speakers, I can't hear it properly, plus I lose the feel of the track as it is a distant melody and I can't "feel" it properly either. I can record myself playing along to it like this, but obviously, as the below video illustrates, due to the fact I can't hear the music I end up losing time and having to re calibrate every so often. This means I only end up recording myself playing badly.

How can I, or is there software I can use, to match a video of me playing along to the original soundtrack from youtube? I already use youtube to MP3 converters so I can have 2 files on my computer in which to synch, but I have no idea on software or how to do it. Is it possible?

Example of what I am currently doing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpbyRDaHT-M
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