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Default Axis Microtune and my A-L2CBs

I have been the proud possessor of a set of black, double Axis A-L2CB Bass drum Pedals since Christmas 2008. They are excellent pedals and providing you are not a real destructive, kit destroying, pounder type of player; the pedals are a number one choice!

I have just installed the Microtune Spring Tensioner upgrade and was puzzled to find a third adjuster assembly with lighter grade spring, included with the package.

Perusal of the Axis website shows some of the more recent, double pedal, models, are photographed using the three microtune adjusters. The lighter spring seems from the photos to be connected to the RHS double bass drum pedal (the pedal attached to the bass drum rim) and to its LHS beater (the beater attached to the drive shaft).

If you try this you soon find the smaller and shorter spring will have to be put under fierce tension to fit onto the microtuner. This results in a far too tight spring tension in the beater assembly to which the 3rd spring is attached. So it would seem the 3rd Microtuner was not designed for my model of Axis pedals.
I intend to obtain a second bass drum in the not too distant future and would like my Axis pedals to be quickly convertible between the single bass drum – double pedals and twin bass drum – twin pedals, configurations.

With the old type spring assembly you needed to remove the LHS beater and spring assembly and the shaft drive. The spring and beater just disassembled then both need to be fitted to the LHS (no longer linked) pedal to produce two identical (unlinked) pedals, one for each bass drum.

With the microtuner & small spring attached to the LHSide of the double pedal (see photo) all that needs doing to have 2 separate pedals is 1. to remove the shaft and 2. to move the beater from the LHS of the double pedal clamped to the RHS bass drum; to the now unlinked LHS bass drum pedal clamped to the LHS bass drum. The small spring keeps the now redundant LHS microtuner, spring and beater mounting (on the double RHS bass drum pedal) from flopping around and so it does not have to be removed. A 20 minute job has become a 3 minute one!
There is still the problem of the lighter spring being too short and resulting in too high spring tension if mounted like the 2 other springs.
My solution was to add on an S shaped steel hook (see photo). These S hooks are sold for hanging up planters etc. and can be found in most hardware type stores.
The other Microtune with original size spring I connected to the LHS bass drum pedal.

The spring now fits and provides me with a double set up which quickly can convert from a twin pedal single bass to twin bass w 2 single pedals set-up.

Having the 3rd microtune and spring also enables me to put little extra tension on the LHS pedal/beater in the single bass drum / double pedal set up. This helps develop my weaker left leg. It is simple enough to equalize the pedals when you want.
Interestingly attaching the 2 equal sized microtuner & springs to the RHS pedal (when linked) as per original set up works fine and the 3rd microtuner assembly is not needed. If however the microtuner & equal sized springs are attached, one to each pedal. Then the LHS feels sloppy even with extra tension. Addition of the lighter spring (as in photo) restores the default snappy responsive feel for both pedals!
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Default Re: Axis Microtune and my A-L2CBs

Are they easier to adjust the tension compared to the original ones or just different way of setting up?
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Default Re: Axis Microtune and my A-L2CBs

Sorry for delay, I have been without my laptop for a few days.

Yes very much easier in my opinion. Just a few turns with a drum key. No lock nuts to wrestle with as with the standard set up. You can make the adjustment while sitting on the drum throne! Its simplified the procedure despite looking a little Heath Robinson!
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