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Old 01-06-2014, 11:15 PM
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Default Dw 6000 series road worthy?

So i have two dw stands which are 9000 series. I found out they offer all the features i like in a single braced 7000 series which appealed to me as no one likes lugging around heavy gear. Now i found out they have a lighter flush based version the 6000 series. I love the look and of course the feel but wondering how they hold up to normal wear and tear anyone had these for a lil while?
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Default Re: Dw 6000 series road worthy?

I have the 6000 series stands.
I use the 6000 snare stand for my tom also.
I use all straight stands, and haven't had one bit of trouble with these stands in the 3 or 4 years of owning them. I gig regularly, not every week, but I am in 3 different bands so they have seen their share of use.
I place 20-22 and 24" cymbals on these with no trouble.

I don't own the 6000 hi hat stand, as it had too much movement for me, but others here have not had the same experience (and also use 15" hats).

If you place your hats medium height or lower, then it would probably be fine, but where I had mine at the time, it just moved too much.
The Ludwig ATLAS flat base hat stand has NO wobble for me. The ATLAS flat base stands are great too.

The thing I like better on the DW stands are the memory locks, but the ATLAS stuff is worth checking out. Gibraltar's FB stuff is good too, and the Brake Tilter on them is really nice.

The 7000 series is really nice, well built and doesn't move. It's a little bit heavier than the 6000 though.
The big difference is when you can grab 3 of the 6000 stands in one hand, and it feels the same as ONE of the 9000's!

If you need stability and lighter weight with the hi hat stand, and the FB version won't cut it, the 3500 2 leg stand, or the 7000 3 leg stands are great.
I got the first 3500 2 legger when it was still a 5000, and I've had that one a good 4 years.
My band Artificial Agent here: http://drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116637
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