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Default yamaha dtx 450k vs roland hd-3

I got an acoustic set a few years back to learn to play on but it had to go, now am thinking about getting electronic drums! both the kits cost almost the same here! so here goes

1. snare mesh head on roland - is it a lot better to have it? or will i miss that on the dtx?
2. can you choke the cymbals on the dtx450k after hitting them? i think you can do that on the hd-3!
3. any clue if the stock cymbals on both kits are 2 zone or single zone? do they give different sounds? i think i saw a hd-3 video which showed that the ride can give you a bell sound, can you do that on the dtx 450k?
4. can anyone confirm if both the kits can be used to trigger vst instruments and if that works well with both these kits?
5. Important!! can you play both the kits with brushes!!?

and yes, if you have played both.. which kit do you think is a "better kit" and why!? which kit is more value for money and which kit is more "serious" and feels and sounds more real!? your experience and opinion would be very helpful!

i have been playing the bass guitar professionally for over 6 years now so i hope to learn quickly and i dont want to "grow out" of the kit very soon! although i will complement my edrums practice with playing acoustic drums at schools friend's placed where-ever i can get to play some real drums but i dont want to be needing to replace my home practice edrums kit you know, it really does cost a bomb actually! (both these kits cost almost 1000$ here!)

ps- i read through the threads on both these kits! i know that the yamaha pads are cheaper to add! which is great, although i wont be upgrading for a while it sure doesnt hurt! what advantages they have over each other and in terms or reliability, is any of these two known to develop issues!?

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