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Default Going with the vintage Speed king from now on.

ok, after losing the cam yet again from my Pearl Eliminators I started seriously thinking about going to a single pedal. I have a 1967 Speed king that is on my practice kit. I have a soundoff pad on the bass so I never really get a good feel from any pedal on there, even after taking it apart and re-greasing it. the soundoff kills the action a little. Last night I took it to practice and used it on a kit for the first time. I love this pedal now. it has the exact feel I need as well as power and speed for quick doubles. I am truly happy I tried it last night. at time with newer pedals I tend to float a note here and there. kind of miss a beat, weird feeling thing that goes on and it happens to me once in a while. The speed king just seemed like it was always there and I never missed any hits. ok, that's my man-love story about my pedal and Im sticking to it. anyone interested in a used pearl double?
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Default Re: Going with the vintage Speed king from now on.

You might have seen this, but if not, this is a pretty good thread about that pedal:


and I'm sure you've seen this one, currently 2 posts down:

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