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Old 10-15-2013, 08:33 AM
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Default Big band and combo cymbal setup advice

Hey drummerworld, I need some advice.

I recently picked up my first jazz ride, an Istanbul Agop 20" Sultan jazz ride, which has a really nice dark tone with a surprisingly clear stick definition. Now, I am in high school, so my budget is pretty limited, but I am now starting to expand my cymbal collection to include a few other things. My plan is to end up with hats, a crash, and one small, one big ride, 4 purchases in total.

Because I am playing in both big bands and a combo, I want to use the crash on the left for the big band and the smaller ride cymbal on the left for combo. At this point I am probably looking into a 22 inch for my main, right side ride. That being said, do any of you have suggestions as to what might pair well with the sultan ride? Keep in mind it already has a dark tone with a nice definition. I want something with definition on the right as well, but mostly I am looking for a generic "jazz" ride with a very high range of tones, whatever that means to you. Preferably I want something a little higher pitched and with a bigger sound than the Istanbul. I think some of Eric Harland's or Brian Blade's cymbals sound kind of like what I am looking for, that modern jazz-y defined but washy sound, but then again they are constantly shifting what they play on.

Also, any suggestions for hats and a crash? I am into more of the larger crashes, maybe an 18 inch or something around that. As for the hats, I have no experience whatsoever with those or any idea of what I am looking for.

Thank you all, and let me know what you think!

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Default Re: Big band and combo cymbal setup advice

take a look at saluda cymbals, their amazing quality, a wide range of tones and very cheap, i traded my sabian wax xplosion set in with them, you can trade your old cymbals and drum gear in for money off new ones.

for the 22" ride, the only one that size that i have played is the zildjian a ping ride which i love! i play mainly alternative so you may feel different, this is a bit pricey though.

hope i helped:)
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Default Re: Big band and combo cymbal setup advice

Check out some medium weight Agop Traditionals in the 22" size. You should be able to find something you like in there, that's probably their brightest line besides the more mass produced rock series. A Vintage Zildjian A in a 22" is a winner no matter what, even a brand new one will do well. To me, nothing beats medium weight Zildjians A's for a classic big band sound.
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