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Old 07-22-2013, 04:46 PM
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Default DW 5000 replacement parts

So I've been letting some other people play on my drums, usually while I'm playing guitar, and we've been playing a few gigs around town. On top of that, I just finished a musical theatre gig, which involved moving some of my hardware around quite a bit. As a result, when I checked my drums out yesterday, I noticed a few things missing. Not a big deal- could have happened to anybody and it was probably when I was moving things anyway.

In any event, the one that needs the most attention is my DW 5000 single bass drum pedal (double chain). First is the chain clip - the pin is intact (although it did fall out, and I had to look all over the floor "contact lens" style to find it again), but the actual clip is gone. Sure, I could probably secure it with a small rubber band, but I figured I'd fix it right. DW's schematic (such a great resource, btw) lists the part as SP1206, and it looks to be available online for about $4. No big deal, although JUST the clip would be nice, too.

The second thing looks to be a little more challenging, and it's where I need your help. The nut the left side of the hinge has gone missing, allowing the pin to slide out. While it doesn't travel when I play, it does slide quite a bit when the pedal is moved around, so I do want to replace it. The schematic lists SM1207, but that's the whole hinge assembly, which I really would rather not mess with replacing (nor would I like paying $40 for essentially one nut). Any ideas, other than scouring the "parts bin" at drum stores?
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Default Re: DW 5000 replacement parts

I called DW when my masterlink fell out, they sent me a new one free

The nut on the hinge should just be a cap nut, try the hardware store
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Old 07-24-2013, 01:20 PM
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Default Re: DW 5000 replacement parts

Originally Posted by dkerwood View Post
The nut the left side of the hinge has gone missing, allowing the pin to slide out.

Take out the pin on the right side, go to any store that sells screws and get something with a thread and length that's about the same dimensions. The head style doesn't really matter if this is something you're not going to be adjusting too much.

Of course, best option is to get a direct replacement from the company. At the same time, a screw is a screw is a screw (!)
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Default Re: DW 5000 replacement parts

My local hardware stores have those master link retainer clips in their fastener cabinets. I believe it's a #25.

If you have an Ace Hardware in your town, they may very well have it.

My local hardware store is quite used to me showing up lugging pedals, tom arms, cymbal tilters, lugs, etc. to replace missing pieces.

They should at least be able to replace the cap nut on your Delta hinge. Just bring the pedal down to the hardware store and show them what you're looking for.

The kind of hardware store you need is an Ace, TrueValue, DoItBest, or similar.

It sounds like your pedal is taking a beating, so this would be a good time to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and drop some TriFlow or other teflon oil into that hinge bearing and the axle bearings. Dirt is abrasive, and you'll get more life from the pedal if it's kept clean.

Good luck!
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