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Default Studio Diary

Hey guys! Heading into the studio next week, thought i'd keep you all updated with some pictures, and perhaps some discussion? :) Here we go:

I've began by reskinning my whole kit + snares and making sure all the screws are nice and tight, also i gave them a quick clean.

This is my Tama Starclassic B/B (22x18, 12x7, 16x14 - the 10x6.5 wont be used in recording) with a limited edition finish. The snares used are 14x6 Tama Starphonic Steel, 14x6.5 1950's Premier Super Ace (refurbished by this awesome chap) and a 14x7 Evetts Rose Gum.

Skins being used:
Now usually im an Aquarian fanboy - however on my kick im using a Remo fiberskyn 3 (the powerstroke variation - i love the look of this skin!) and a Coated Power stroke 3. There was no Aquarian Force 1 Coated in my store - and i forgot to order one when i did a skin order about 2 weeks ago -- i wasn't expecting to replace my batter side on my kick, but the Force 1 Clear just had too much attack for me. I wanted and needed something warmer and softer.
No hole in the front. I want a nice boomy sound thats controlled by the the muffling rings of the head - if i need to muffle the kick more i'll use some gaffa tape on the batter head - after all Stanton Moore does that all the time! Planning to get an RE20 on the reso side, and something like a D6 on the batter side, aswell as a subkick to capture a fantastic kick sound. Also i will be using a felt beater with no beater patch - i usually use a wooden beater with the thicker aquarian beater patch.

Toms are simple - Aquarian Coated Response 2 with an Aquarian Texture Coated on the bottom. I put 5 cotton balls inside the floor tom as an experiment - i saw Benny Greb do this in a video a while back - so far so good! Probably stick 421's on the toms, which is pretty standard.

Now for the two wooden snares i've got an Aquarian Texture coated - on the steel im using an Aquarian Focus-x. So far i think im going to mainly use the two wooden snares - however when i last recorded i used the starphonic steel with the focus-x on it and i was very impressed with how it turned out. I think we'll just be using 57's for the snares.

Im not 100% sure on all my cymbals, as for crashes i know i'll be using my 18" Bosphorus Antique Medium crash and 19" Bosphorus Gold Rock crash.

As for my hi hats, im leaning towards my 14" Bosphorus Fat Hats, but considering my 14" Meinl Sand hats - similarly with my rides, i'm leaning towards my 22" Meinl Byzance Heavy Ride over my 20" Meinl Sand Ride.

Any facebookers a 'like' for my band is appreciated! https://www.facebook.com/AGirlsAGun
We're a female lead blues rock band similar to The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin!

Here's a pic of the drums on the couch right after being reskinned!

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