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Default Phil Collins Pro Mark Signature Sticks-Pleasantly Surprised

I bought these sticks about 3 years ago; kind of tried them and then put them back in my stick bag where they stayed until I pulled them out last night. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed playing with them despite their shortness and the ball tip. What I noticed is that the balance was very good and for a lack of a better way to describe it they suited my funky style of playing; also I loved the way they sounded on the Sabian ride & hi-hat. They tended to bring a bit of a darker, velvety texture. Just goes to show that discounting something out right could be a mistake and that pre conceived notions may bar you from something that may very well be perfectly suited to you. I measured them up beside a JoJo Mayer stick which is shorter than the standard and the PC was a full tip shorter; I would make these a stick of preference if it were just that much longer, as it is I will defiantly be using them for specific styles of music where keeping it simple works best.

Also I think I finally found the head that suits my walnut 61/4 x 14 snare as it has a very deep, saturating sound and can be too sharp with various heads I have already experimented with. The Remo Ambassador works well but when I put an Evans G plus on it opened up more and was less thunky. As soon as my local store gets the new 360 heads in I will upgrade. Some of the fun with drumming is experimenting with heads and sticks, it often can open up new areas of style and it’s great that you can change the sound of your kit by changing the heads rather than the whole kit if you find you are getting bored with the sound.
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