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Default Simmons SD9K

Hello all.
A year or so back I was looking to get back in to drumming after a long break. I had previously had a TD-8 and loved it but times got hard and it went by-by. So, with a few bucks I had put aside, I purchased a Simmons SD9K although I did not know much about the set at the time. Yes, I was a little disappointed at the vast difference in features. Anyway, I never really put the time into "tweaking" the set and it got put aside rather then sold this time. So now here I am, ready to dust off the cob webs from my sticks and my brain and sit down and get this thing working.
Trouble I'm having now is, I can't get the pads to respond "as advertised" as far as having dual trigger inputs except for one cymbal trigger. This goes for toms and cymbals. Getting the one to work only tells me that I wasn't totally mislead in that the SD9K's brain and trigger pads are capable of dual zone inputs, IE rim vs center pad/Bell vs edge on cymbals.
As still somewhat of a nubi, I tried changing some if not all the settings in "utility" and "Edit" as well as switching pads, changing out cables, and a factory reset which only blanked out any custom settings I had already made. etc.
Any thought s a s to what to try next before trying to send this unit back to be checked at the factory? Now that the bug has bitten, I'm dying to get banging again and still find myself without the bucks to go out and but another Roland like I know I should.
Thanks in advance!
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