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Default Drum Sticks Help

HEy everyone, i need a bit of help in choosing some drum sticks as i am conflicted on what to use personally.

I play on an Alesis DM7 and plan on sticking with Electronic drums for the next few years. Anyways, i started with the cheap pair of sticks that came with my Alesis, They are unmarked but i think they are 5A sticks, not sure of the wood but they have a coating of some kind on them. I used them for about four months or so before i decided to try a slightly bigger stick so i went with 5Bs.

Right now i am using Goodwoods Hickory and they have been ok for me but recently i decided i would try out my old cheap stick for the heck of it and surprisingly they felt alot better in my hand than they used to.

I' not sure what i like at this point, i enjoy the feeling of the slightly heavier 5Bs in my hand as i play hard and it just seems to back up that intense feeling. On the other hand i like that i play a bit faster with the 5As and the coating feels better in my hands as apposed to strait wood. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Default Re: Drum Sticks Help

Originally Posted by Revan View Post
Anyone have any suggestions?
Get a couple of pairs of each and get used to swapping between them. Experiment until you figure out what you like/don't like about a certain stick. Sticks are all about "feel", but nowhere does it say that you have to be content with one particular feel. If you like both sticks, get them both and play around with them.

At the end of the day the player controls the stick, not the otherway round. By playing with a few different models you'll find you'll develop the ability to switch back and forth easily between the two. Thoughts like "I can play faster with a 5A" become a thing of the past. I can do the same things with a 7A as I can do with a 3B. Purely because it's my hands....not the stick that controls the action.
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Default Re: Drum Sticks Help

Vic Firth 55A, right in between 5a and 5b.
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