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Default Best Snare Combo (Opinionated)

Hello, so I recently changed my snare heads/wires and I got this idea get everyone to put what heads they use, what snare wires they use, how they tune the heads, and possibly to describe the sound.

I'll go first.

On my main snare (14x5), maple, I use an Evans HD Dry over an Evans Hazy 300. The wires are Puresound Blaster snares. I tune both heads extremely tight. It is a very poppy, dry sound. Great for hip-hop and funk.

On my side snare (14x5.5), steel, I use a Remo Black Sude Emperor over a Remo Hazy Ambassador. The wires are Duplex 20 strand snares. I tune both heads farly loose, but I get a surprisingly crisp sound. It's great for jazz, and when you play really fast it sounds like bacon sizzling. Yum!
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Default Re: Best Snare Combo (Opinionated)

I got a black panther for my snare (maple shell with an outer play of cherry). I usually use a coated CS over a hazy ambassador. Although I'm using a coated emperor as my batter since I have one more to burn through after I was given them for like a birthday or something. I tune both heads pretty darn tight, but I always tune tune the reso a bit higher for more body.

I'm interested in trying the Remo black x head though. One of my favorite drummers uses one occasionally and it always sounded amazing on his recordings.
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