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Default Protection Racket Bass Drum Bags - 20" & 22"


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Default Re: Protection Racket Bass Drum Bags - 20" & 22"

I've just received a 22" Protection Racket bass drum case. It's their standard case, not their cheaper Nutcase or pro AAA rigid case. It measures nominally 26" across the face (raised stitched seam to raised stitched seam).

When you mention label, do you mean the rubberised label permanently attached to the case?
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Default Re: Protection Racket Bass Drum Bags - 20" & 22"

I have 18x14 bag for my 18x15 oak. It fits without a problem vertical but diagonal it almost is to shallow. It does have two tom mounts (bottom for riser) but stil.

However i got a 10x8 and 12x9 Rims bags and these are to big for the Yamaha toms with uess mounts (if anyone wants to trade for non yess bags, let me know)
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Default Re: Protection Racket Bass Drum Bags - 20" & 22"

my 22" Yamaha Oak bass drum with tom mount would only go halfway into the bag with lots of wrestling involved.

Because I'm still interested in ordering Protection Racket in the future, but their AAA's, I need to know whether I can safely order a 22" bag again or whether I need to upsize to a 24

If you're going to by a ridged case, might as well get cans (hard cases). The PROTECTION RACKET PROLINE is a heavily padded bag. I use them in a 24" for my 22" kicks and one size over for all my toms (12's in a 13" bag etc.) One size over in bags means there's no effort getting the drum in/out the bag.

With same size bags/drums the fit is too tight for me, the edges get snagged and there's more effort, can be frustrating at times, the "Who needs it?" kind, especially bass drums where you have spurs and possibly a tom mount to make the fit a even more of a chore. The extra material is just extra protection.

All my same size bags have separating zipper seams and holes in them from being too tight, takes awhile, but it happens.
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Default Re: Protection Racket Bass Drum Bags - 20" & 22"

Regarding the 5.5 and 6.5 snare bags - in the shop I work at, we have two bags that the same as you describe. I cannot work it out. a 6.5" deep drum fits actually has room to move in the 5.5 deep bag.

Either way, Protection Racket cases are great so I wouldn't hesitate to buy them if you can get the sizing issue sorted.
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Default Re: Protection Racket Bass Drum Bags - 20" & 22"

just measured a protection racket 14x5.5 snare case and a 14x6.5 case. They are the same measurements with different labels.

Just to be sure I tried a 14x6.5 snare drum in the 14x5.5 case. It fit the same as in the 14x6.5 case. No problem.

For anyone interested, you can buy one snare drum case and it will fit anything from 5 to 6.5 depth.
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