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Old 08-07-2012, 02:51 AM
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Default Question about microphones for drums

Hi all,

Apologies for asking such an over asked question. I looked around and while I found some great info, I'd still like to ask a few questions since I'm new to the subject and want to make sure I'm not making any mistakes. I recently purchased an M-Audio Fast Track Pro that has two inputs and also came with Pro Tools SE. I'm mainly a drummer but I also play guitar and bass and the idea I had behind the purchase was to be able to record some original material. I am able to record the guitar and bass fine since I'm just going directly in to the Fast Track Pro with an instrument cable. I'd like to be able to add drums to these songs as well so I'm going to need to purchase two microphones for my drums.

From what I have researched it seems that the best method of recording drums with only two microphones is to either do one mic on the bass drum and then have one overhead mic or do two overhead mics. I was looking at going down the route of doing the one mic on the bass drum and one overhead mic but I don't really know enough about mic'ing drums/recording drums to know what method would be best. As I record the drums I'd also like to be able to listen back to them through the headphone output on the Fast Track Pro (not sure if there is any special microphones/set ups that are required to be able to listen back to the drums while playing).

I'd also like to at some point try and use this to record some rough demo tracks with the band I'm in. Again I'm not sure if that dictates what kind of microphones I should be getting or whether or not I should be doing one on the bass drum and one overhead or two overheads. The only microphone I've looked at so far is a Audix D6 bass drum mic. From what I've read online and from posts on the forums here, it sounds like a solid microphone and is kind of an industry standard (I was also looking at a Shure bass drum mic but a lot of people said it sounded muddy and lacked "boom".) This mic comes with a cable and a stand and looks like a good deal for the price - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-a...able-and-stand.

Please let me know if I need to elaborate on anything further. I'm new to the whole mic'ing and recording drums so I'm sure I left out some details.

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Default Re: Question about microphones for drums

you can make a speaker mic for cheap take any speaker 10" or greater woofer and a xlr/1/4 inch (one with no ground wire) cut it connect the wires to the speaker in reverse polarity (neg on positive) put it in front of the bass drum boom hella kick you can mount it in a old drum too if you want.that combine with a small diaphragm condenser over head will sound pretty good.a small diaphragm as opposed to a large will pick up more of your kit with less bleed from the room. you can use a 57 or a 58 overhead too, just hang it pretty high to avoid any phase issues.
as far as monitoring your playing as you play you can by adjusting the mix knob but if you want to hear your drums post computer with plug ins you might run into some latency problems among other things. with that said you will never really get the drum sound in your head without the following..mics on all drums pre-amps compressors and gates and limiters and eq.on all mics,but you can get a good sound with bass and overhead.also the more you do to make your kit sound good the better because with only two mics you cant really touch single sound sources up post production so get the kit tuned muffled and balanced first good luck drum miking is an art.ps cut all the highs on the mics and boost the bass
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Default Re: Question about microphones for drums

Hey man.

You can get a decent sound from a room mic + kick mic, it's true.

This is an old video of me stuffing around.


I use an audix D6 on my kick. Overhead I use an SM57. There is no EQ added, they're just running through an mbox into protools, factory settings.

I record jams with mates and I setup an SM57 over my kit and another near their amps and it sounds good.

Just get some mic stands and leads and you're good to go.
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Old 08-12-2012, 02:36 AM
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Default Re: Question about microphones for drums

Thanks for the replies, I'll check it out.
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