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Default best heads for big drums

in your opinion,what are they?
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Default Re: best heads for big drums

What size drums are you trying to mate these heads with.

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Default Re: best heads for big drums

There is no best. Just all depends on what sound you want. I like my drums without anything inside. The Powerstroke 3 is one of my favorite heads (batter). With a built on richie ring, it replicates that "old school" sound, from back in the day, when we made our own richie rings. Other manufactures have similar offerings. I tend to like the Ambassador head, for a reso. Want a little more control (muffling), I also use Fiberskyn reso.
Currently, my Ludwig 6 ply 26x16 has an Emperor batter, and a Fiberskyn reso. My Ludwig 24x14 Vistalite has the Ludwig version of the Powerstroke 3 batter and a Powerstroke 3 (with port) reso.
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Default Re: best heads for big drums

The best head is either clear or coated, one or two ply, and maybe has a dot in the middle. Peace and goodwill.
Mark Wellman

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Default Re: best heads for big drums

One thats fits...lol, sorry but seriously other than that its your ears and your taste that would determine whats best.
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