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Default Electronic Drums with Acoustic Cymbals?

Hello. Iím new to this site so here goes.

Iím after either a Roland, Alesis or Yamaha Electronic drum kit. Acoustic drums arenít going to be an option for the obvious reason that my neighbours and Parents arenít going to be happy about it. Anyway, I like to play Metal and that sort of stuff. Iím not to bothered if I only have 2 rack toms and 1 Floor tom, But I just NEED more than 2 or 3 cymbals. I have bought and tested a cymbal inside my house and the neighbours donít seem to be annoyed or anything. My Question is: If I had a good enough amp, would my Bass and Snare (especially) be loud enough to hear whilst using cymbals?

I use my Acoustic kit at a studio so I have cymbals there
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Default Re: Electronic Drums with Acoustic Cymbals?

I would imagine that if you're amplifying an e-kit to match the volume of acoustic cymbals, you are essentially matching the volume of an acoustic kit anyway.

Cymbals are pretty damn loud... If you're going down this route, you'll at least need to specifically check with your neighbors and parents if the noise level is OK. Hitting a cymbal a couple of times is completely different to wailing on them for several hours when it comes to noise tolerance.
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