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Old 06-29-2012, 11:03 AM
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Default Training Rudiments

Hi guys,

I am currently getting into jazz drumming almost exclusively and as such I use jazz sticks (VF AJ3). But I am also going back to the drawing board with my rudiments and a practice pad. I've heard that using heavier/bigger sticks helps in training rudiments. Is this true? If so, what sticks are advisable 5A? 2B? Also, what effect is this likely to have on my drumming when I approach the actual kit with lighter jazz sticks?


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Old 06-29-2012, 12:52 PM
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Default Re: Training Rudiments

Differing opinions...

I don't use any different stick to practice with than what I play with. 99.9% of the time I use what some people may call pencils - Vic Firth SD4 Combo's. To me they work while others may consider them nice tomato stakes or kindle wood.

My opinion but to me the important thing is to find a stick that feels good / right to you which accommodates your ability to execute what it is you want to play.
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Default Re: Training Rudiments

I'm more of a newbie, so consider the source.

I find significant improvement in my playing as I spend more time on the pad tuning up my fundamentals.

What I believe has helped is to use a few different models of sticks with varied diameters, lengths, weights, and tip shapes. (Since I may use any or all of these over the course of a night's playing.)

MOST IMPORTANT is that the pairs are matched, ie produce the exact same tone when used the same way. Since the goal consistency in tone, mismatched (often "cheap") sticks will sound different from one to the next thereby skewing the link between your ears and your fingers/hands/wrists/arms, etc.

Make sense?
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