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Default best tom heads for stage custom maple

hey guys. i have owned a yamaha stage custom maple kit for about 7 years. i bought it as a 22, 12, 13 ,16 with 14 snare. added a 14 floor tom later. currently i'm only using the 12 and the 16, sometimes i add the 14 floor tom. never really used the 13, don't care much for it for whatever reason (not even really a sound thing). i upgraded the snare to a copper nouveau 14 x 5.5 and haven't played the stock snare since, except briefly using it as a side snare.

but anyway, this post is all about the toms. i played with the stock heads for a while. then pinstripes. most recently i have been playing with coated ambassadors which i like the best so far. i've got some moon gel on the 16. i'm wondering what you guys would recommend on a lower end maple kit like the stage custom. i'm a bit partial to remo, but i'm not opposed to trying other brands.

as far as the bass drum goes, most recently tried a powersonic bass drum head and i really liked it even though it chokes the sound quite a bit. i think i'll stick to this for a while, but if anyone has suggestions for this i'm always looking to trying to make a cheap kit sound great.

the snare just has a coated amabassador with moon gel to cut the overtones, i'm thinking i want to try a controlled sound reverse dot next.

i play a little of everything, so i'm not looking for a sound specific to any genre, but i tend to tune the toms and bass drum rather low, and crank the snare a bit. quite honestly, i'm not very good at tuning, i just play around with it until i think it sounds decent. i use moon gel but i don't know if i'm killing the sound to much by using it.

anyway, that was a lot of info for a post where i'm just looking for some input on the tom heads. any suggestions on the bass and snare are welcome too. thank you.

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