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Default General Yamaha Electronic Drum Info

In my effort to learn about the Yamaha electronic drums, I have assembled several Yamaha specific only links that I have found useful. I thought I would share them.

The links are a combination of US and Europe based locations. I find the Europe Yamaha web site MUCH better and provides A LOT more information especially when trying to compare the various kits. Keep in mind though that Europe does and can have different model numbers when compared to other countries, so keep that in mind as you compare things. I would say that 95% of that information appears to be applicable to US models also.

I have also noticed that a lot of the online merchants have some good videos/YouTubes of folks doing a demo on the specific model for example.

With YouTube, if you search for Yamaha, or DTX, you come across all sorts of stuff too.

As always, there there a variety of forums ;)

I don't work for Yamaha, nor any member of my family ... bla bla bla.
Some features of a product may not be the same or available between countries.
Over time, these links may not work :(

Good luck! Have fun!


DTX Drums Quick Comparison

- Compares all of the kits
- Very nice with lots of easy pictures to see the differences.
- Keep in mind this is Europe based, so the model numbers are a little different. In general though, the kits are the same when compared to US kits for example.


DTX Drums Upgrade Paths

- Details what each kit comes with and what potential upgrades a kit could have.
- Also has great videos/YouTubes on the 500/700/900 series and upgrade paths too.
- Some of the videos detail what a specific input can do also.
- There is a little interactive upgrade "map" also. You select your kit and you see what it comes with and what you could add on to it.


Pad/Module Compatibility Table

- Details each pad/module and the various trigger modules and what to expect accordingly.



- Choose your country.
- I find the "Other European Countries" selection has more PDF offerings than "United States". Keep in mind that certain kits and pads and features of those items may not be available in all locations.
- I find between the countries that sometimes the organization of the files differ. A PDF that you find using one country, may be in a different path or location for another country. So you sometimes have to play around a bit to find stuff.


USA Yamaha (Electronic Drums)

- Starting point for US Yamaha Electronic Drums
- For a specific model/kit, if you click on the "Support" tab, a lot of the time they have a good list of PDFs and other files and information, without having to go to the download site. I have heard of folks from other countries though having problems downloading stuff from the US site as the US site seems to restrict downloads to US locations.


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