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Default Buying a Used EKit

I'm a relatively new drummer, have started taking lessons and really enjoy drumming :) Decided to buy an EKit to practice in my apartment (noise is def an issue hence decided on an ekit)

What caveats and precautions must one take while deciding on a used kit - The one I have in mind is a Yamaha DTXplorer thats been 2yrs since its been bought - The owner told me he played for initial couple of months and then just stored it away

Since these are rubber pads, I just want to make sure that the pads haven't worn out ? In your experience do the TP rubber pads age quickly or loose their rebound quality over time ? Any other things I should check while buying ? (I'll be trying out the kit myself in a day or two and play it while i'm there to see if I like the feel and sound).. but any suggestions on what one should check specifically with this model DTXplorer ?

Appreciate your inputs..

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Default Re: Buying a Used EKit

They don't really lose their rebound over time, but anything is possible if they are left in the sun/outside. I would stick to the main companies (Roland, Yamaha, etc) as the cheaper kits are cheaper for a reason.

E-drums are amazing since they are pieces of sensitive electrical equipment designed to be banged on heavily by drum sticks. However, sometimes they break and wear out, so make sure the check the kit thoroughly first. Probably the most common issue with recent Roland kits is clogged cymbal triggers. As the cymbals are banged, a bit of the rubber wears away inside the trigger and clogs up the trigger. The issue can be fixed by opening up the cymbal and cleaning the trigger, but you have to be careful doing it. I have only had it happen to my hi-hat (it triggered inconsistently when playing fast patterns), but it was easy to fix when I pulled it open. Roland would not honor my warranty because i bought it used. Just something to be aware of.
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