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Default Re: Shifting gears - adding a THIRD band (and a personal challenge)

Originally Posted by BruceW View Post
I'm currently in two bands... I'm in a band that is more rock based, and does originals as well. Three of us from that band are in a second band with two friends from yet another band, playing more country and country-rock.

It becomes a bit of a challenge from a booking standpoint, but we have the Google calendar thing on our phones, and when one of the three bands books a gig, we shoot a message and it updates our calendars so that everyone knows what's available.

I really enjoy the diversity, and working on two set lists that are mostly separate. On most weeks we rehearse one night with each band.
I use Google Calendar as well, and so does one of the bands. I suppose it's germane to the conversation that the originals band is somewhat on hiatus from performing while we finish a recording, and if the jazz gigs work out they can supplant some of that activity at least for this year.
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