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Default Re: Pearl Sensitone Elite vs. Chad Smith Signature snare

I'll take it one step further than just pointing out the extra warmth: with few exceptions, steel can sound downright cold. I've goofed around on the Chad Smith, and my first snare was a non-descript steel drum. They are not the exceptions to the rule. I used to have an old Tama 8056, which had a 6.5x14 steel shell, and it was the exception; total beast and not terribly cold, but it still had a bite to take your head off.

I've had two Pearl Sensitones (both brass) and they are really nice drums. If you can get one for the right price, I seriously doubt you'll regret picking one up. Once you get it dialed in the way you like, I doubt you'll have much use for your Chad Smith. That's just a prediction, though ... I'm wrong a lot on these things :)
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